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Sounding off

Feb 07, 2019
Dan Lafferty, Director of Voice and Music at PHMG, looks at how audio branding can help removals companies stand out from the crowd.

Sounding off - how can audio branding help removals companies stand out from the crown

Moving house or relocating business premises can be an exciting time but also a stressful and time consuming one. That’s why most people seek professional help to make their move from A to B as hassle-free as possible. Whether it be two miles round the corner or a more complex overseas relocation, reputable removals companies will be the first port of call for advice.

So how do removals firms get on the shopping list? How do they ensure they are the company of choice for people or businesses looking to move?

The importance of making a good first impression has never been more vital than in the social media-facing society in which removal companies now operate. There’s nowhere to hide from bad reviews, and so much to gain from glowing testimonials and referrals.

Companies often place a lot of emphasis and resource on how their branding, premises and vehicles look. But then overlook how their brand sounds.

However, what customers hear when they contact your business can have as much, if not more, of an impact on that all important first and lasting impression.

In fact, recent research by PHMG revealed that 60% of those surveyed believe music is more memorable when used in marketing, proving the persuasive power of music.

Make the move
How a business sounds over the phone can engage and reassure customers. Done badly, or not at all, it can turn potential customers away. Using monotonous messages, generic music or irritating beeps while customers wait to get through can be a missed opportunity to quote and drive future business growth.

A previous PHMG survey with 1,000 consumers found that 73% would not do repeat business with a company if their first call wasn’t handled in a satisfactory manner.

Sound out from the competition
Don’t risk diluting your reputation by using generic, off-the-shelf audio branding. Your company is unique and so should your marketing.

Nobody is better placed to offer advice on domestic or international relocations than you. Some customers may want basic storage or a bespoke packing service for high value items, while others may need the full white-glove service.

No two enquiries will be the same and neither are two removal companies. That’s why your audio branding shouldn’t be either.

Moving music
There are three key elements to consider in developing audio branding: music, voice and content.

Choosing a popular track might seem like the obvious choice but it may not be right for your brand. Just as no two customers have the same removal requirements, no two customers have the same musical taste and what one consumer may like, another may hate.

Most removals companies opt for tracks with live instrumentation, often a standard band setup with focus on guitars and pianos carrying the main melodic lines to evoke a sense of openness and honesty. Their arrangements tend to be laid back, with a soft feeling of momentum in the bass and drums to drive the track along.

It’s all in the delivery
In terms of voice you should always think about gender, age, delivery, pace, accent and tone.

Removals firms tend to use a mix of male and female voice artists with regional accents and upbeat, friendly delivery to evoke reassurance and trust.

Getting the tone and pace right is vital to accurately reflect your brand values. Are you price-competitive and fast-efficient? Or does reliable and family-focussed sum up your company? Both would result in a very different brand soundtrack.

Audio branding allows you to keep customers engaged with promotional offers, accreditations, new services or details of your fleet and eco credentials. Intersperse these with testimonials and top tips to reassure callers of your expertise and customer-centric approach. After all, they are trusting you with their most treasured and valuable possessions.

Businesses should aim to create brand congruent music and messaging that speaks to prospects on a personal level and by doing so turns a caller into a customer.

PHMG claims to be the world’s leading audio branding agency. 

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