The secret of my success

Jun 10 | 2019

In just 10 years, Bliss has becomes a significant player in the Italian and global moving world. Here, Francesco Argirò explains why he has been successful.

Francisco Argiro

I am Francesco Argirò, President of the Bliss Corporation Group, specialists in Italy for global mobility services. All my companies have been founded with a clear picture of what the ‘focussing’ concept is, but don’t worry we’ll get to it ….

One of the books that made the history of entrepreneurship, written by the great Al Ries, considered by many as one of the founding fathers of marketing, underlines the difference between: niche or focussed companies; and those that diversify their services’ production/offer.

Even though the second can generate positive incomes in the short term, they however lose competitiveness in the long term because they replace the opportunity to be focussed on the market with the practice of offering everything. Indeed, it is well-known that those who offer everything, actually offer nothing!

This same view can also be found in another text which is very popular at an international level, Blue Ocean Strategy (written by Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne), based on some reflections that are similar and complementary to those of Al Ries.

If Ries suggests we should focus on the so-called niche, Chan Kim talks about the importance of creating one’s own markets (blue oceans) where there is no competition, leaving instead the competitors to continue struggling fiercely and keep on working the old way.

What did I do with Bliss?

Just a little over ten years ago I decided to become part of the international moving market, treasuring the teachings of said business masters.

The first company I founded was Bliss Moving & Logistics. As far as this line of work is concerned, there is really a fierce competition within the Italian market. The great majority of companies do not correctly differentiate themselves from one another and are more or less perceived as ‘one is as good as another’.

What did I do with Bliss? I really focussed on the standardisation and offer of a service that was to be perceived as more than just a removal. Whoever chooses Bliss knows that they ‘hold the keys to their own lives, without any kind of stress’. This vision has been appreciated and acknowledged by our customers, and it has been proven by the results we have achieved.

Immediately after Bliss Moving & Logistics, I founded Bliss Pet Services. Here the focussing aspect expressed all its might. I could have entered the market of the international transfer of pets through Bliss Moving, but I would have breached one of the golden rules suggested by Al Ries: losing your focus means losing your identity.

I wanted to be ‘the specialist’; and I succeeded. Today choosing Bliss Pets means treating your furry friend as a VIP!

Finally, a few years ago I decided to complete the global mobility circle by creating a new brand, strongly focussed on relocation services. This brand, Bliss Relocation, is also growing fast.

Let’s sum up

This article has not been written for self-celebration or to brag about myself. Instead, it involves giving very important advice to anyone thinking of structuring a new business and creating something completely new.

Offering a customer an efficient service, particularly during the present historical period characterised by hyper-competition, involves also making the right business choices and structuring one’s company in such a way as to satisfy a need in a well-focussed and targeted manner.

Do you think you can meet this challenge? If you are interested in facing or discussing this topic with me, please send an e-mail to, I’ll be happy to exchange my ideas and opinions with you!

Photo:  Francesco Argirò,

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