Can you hear me? Thoughts on video technology and conferences

Sep 07 | 2020

Steve Jordan, who has attended and helped organise just about every moving industry conference on the planet over the last 40+ years, speculates on the rise of video technology and its possible effect on the international conference scene.

             Can you hear me?

It’s September 2020 and the whole international moving industry is feeling a little starved of affection.  Yes, we have all been Zooming all around the world, from the comfort of our desks, with our bookshelf backgrounds offering a tantalizing glimpse into our real passions. But what we all really want is a few pints with our mates and a bit of partner bonding in some swanky hotel, at the boss’, or at least the taxman’s, expense.

But not so.  It seems a long time since IMA and LACMA and now we have learned that IAM will be virtual only.  All others, including FIDI, OMNI, EUROMOVERS, EuRA, BAR and PAIMA have all had to be shelved as we collectively cower from the ubiquitous microscopic predator.

I have spoken to a lot of people this summer.  The subject of our beloved conferences is never far away ...

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