Steve Lewis: Master of all trades

Oct 06 | 2020

Steve Jordan talks to Steve Lewis about his career in moving, the development of technology, training, consultancy and the IAM Hall of Honor.

Steve Lewis has been around the moving industry for a while.  Originally from Cardiff in Wales, he travelled the world, largely led by his talent for playing rugby, to Massachusetts where he worked as a plasterer, back to Sheffield in England where he studied at university.

It was on route to Australia that he visited Hong Kong, then a British territory and an easy place for a Brit to find work and to live.  He stayed.  And so, his love affair with Asia began.

He started a trading company there and worked in both Beijing and Shanghai.  But it was back in Shanghai that he got his first break in the moving industry working with Andy Mak at Asian Express.  This led him to a 10-year career with Santa Fe during which he moved to Malaysia before switching to Unigroup as the APAC managing director and then as a consultant for Voerman in The Netherlands ...

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