How mobility has changed

Jun 04 | 2021

Lynn Shotwell is the president and CEO of Worldwide ERC (Employee Relocation Council). She’s been in her new role since March 2020, an interesting time for anyone to have a change of job. Steve Jordan spoke to her about the new world of relocation, how it has changed and how will it continue to operate in the future.

Lynn Shotwell As well has having pursued a career in HR, Lynn Shotwell is a lawyer with a background in immigration and employment law.  While I had been listening in to a FIDI webinar a short time ago I had heard Lynn say that the laws governing international mobility are not made for today’s world.  I thought that was interesting.  Laws usually, eventually, reflect society and so would be the people who would drive the laws.  Whatever people felt was reasonable would be adopted into law; but what would need to happen in our industry and how long is it likely to take, for example, to make Working From Anywhere (WFA – the latest three letter acronym) to become as easy as possible? ...

Photo: Lynn Shotwell.

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