Africa Mobility Services expands operations in Congo

Jul 06 | 2021

Africa Mobility Services (AMS), is expanding its operations in The Republic of the Congo with the opening of two new facilities in Pointe Noir and the country’s capital Brazzaville.

Paul WallerThe company says the move follows an exceptionally good period of trading during the past few years, mainly driven by the movement of expat personnel in the oil and gas industries.

According to AMS’s COO Paul Waller, the idea of opening in Africa was originally spawned by a conversation in 2010 between Robert Voerman and a business acquaintance in an Amsterdam bar.  The businessman had interests in Angola and alerted Robert to the large number of expats travelling to and from the country and the opportunities for moving companies out there.

“Things were pretty quiet in Europe at that time and so Robert decided to try and get a piece of the pie,” said Paul. “I’d worked for Robert some years earlier running the Voerman office in Budapest and he asked if I’d be interested in going to Africa to set up an operation there - that’s how it all started.” ...

Photo: Paul Waller

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