The secrets of fine art relocation

Aug 06 | 2021

Business Moves Group’s Managing Director Rachel Houghton gives an insight into the challenges and rewards of fine art relocation.

Rachel Houghton, MD, Business Moves Group If you present your company as fully-fledged office relocation experts, then you need to be able to handle much more than desks, chairs and other common workplace furniture. Fine art is a prime example of a specialist area that requires in-depth knowledge and planning to carry out successfully.

Though office relocations have experienced a blip during the pandemic, I fully expect the second half of 2021 and beyond to see a resurgence as many companies adapt their real estate portfolios.

Lots of large corporates will be a part of this trend as they switch to hybrid models. Several banks have already signalled their intention to reduce office space. Companies of this size and stature often have fine art in their HQs which will need relocating – whether that’s to a new office or into storage ...

Photo: Rachel Houghton, Business Moves Group's Managing Director

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