The evolution of lead generation

Sep 03 | 2021

Marco Maruccia has started a new lead generation company. It’s called ReloAdvisor. Steve Jordan spoke to him to find out a little more and to establish what is different about his new venture.

The ReloAdvisor team

Marco Maruccia has spent the last 15 years in the lead generation business. He started his new company, ReloAdvisor, on October 2019 aiming to support international and domestic moving companies with qualified, reliable leads.  He exhibited at IAM that year to launch the company, but then we all know what happened.  But having negotiated the COVID pandemic, he’s set to move his company forward in, what he believes to be, a unique way.

The key for ReloAdvisor, Marco explains, is in the way leads are qualified. While we were talking, he took me through the process from the end-user’s perspective.  No sooner had we completed the process of entering the details of my fictitious move to the Netherlands, than my phone rang ...

Photo: Marco Maruccia (4th from left) and the team at ReloAdvisor. 

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