Saying goodbye to Jack

Oct 05 | 2021

Jack Dorrington, an icon of the world of trade shipping for the household goods moving industry, died in August. Steve Jordan went along to his funeral to pay his respects and find out a little more about this man of many parts.

Jack Dorrington and his wife HazelSo, you think you knew Jack Dorrington.  So did I.  But for most of us in the moving industry, the side of Jack we saw, the friendly, warm, totally competent, safe pair of hands for shipping anything anywhere, was just one side of the man.  He was much more rounded, much more complicated than that.

He died on 11 August, 2021, aged 77, from cancer.  But not before he had lived a full and varied life that provided him with a loving family and indulged him in his passions for climbing, wildlife, aircraft, trains, music, art and flying ... 

Photo: Jack and his wife Hazel visit the Eiger in Switzerland on their 50th wedding anniversary.

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