The sustainability debate

Nov 09 | 2021

Why you should be concerned about sustainability in your business and what you can do about it.

The sustainability debateOn 16 September, 2021 FIDI held a panel discussion on the subject of: Sustainable relocation: why global mobility must take action.  The session was hosted by Dominic Weaver from FIDI Focus, with panellists:  Jessica Deutschmann (Gosselin), Derrick Young (BGRS), Dominic Weaver (FIDI Focus), Ben Ivory (Graebel), René Stegmann (Relocation Africa), and Paul Barnes (Inspire Global Mobility Consulting).

Dominic opened by quoting a poll that had shown 71% of respondents agreeing that sustainability is the most important current issue for the international moving and relocation industry.  Statistics can be argued but what cannot be denied is that sustainability is a hot topic and is becoming more so.  It’s also possible that the trauma of handling COVID 19 might have been a distraction over the last year or so, but now that we are learning to live with the pandemic, so the importance of sustainability is coming more into focus.

The panel was first asked to describe what sustainability meant to them individually. All thought it to be a multi-facetied subject but fundamentally considered that it concerned what should be done now to ensure a safe and healthy future. It touched on everything that companies do: how they operate, treat their employees and engage with their communities. It requires the whole industry to work together to build awareness and explore ways of making a difference ...

Photo: The debate panel.

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