A ride on the heavy side

Dec 07 | 2021

An interview with Bill Lloyd from Asian Tigers Indonesia, by Steve Jordan.

Bill LloydSo, what got you into the moving business?  Family history, chance, an enthusiastic friend, surfing? Surfing!  How could surfing lead you into a successful career moving household goods around the world?  Well, in Bill Lloyd’s case, it did. 

Bill Lloyd is managing director of Asian Tigers Indonesia with offices in Jakarta in the west of the country and Surabaya in East Java.  He joined the company in 2003 as sales manager and became a director six years later. Since then, he has guided the company through some turbulent times that has seen it grow up to seven branches and staff of around 115 people, and then been forced by circumstances to cut back to less than half that size. But it wasn’t COVID, that came later ...

Photo: Bill Lloyd.

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