Peter Naylor: a dream come true

Dec 07 | 2021

A story of human generosity and focus.

David Carter, Peta Hall, Enoch (Atorkor instructor) and Peter NaylorIt was back in October 2018 that The Mover reported on the initiative by the late Peter Naylor to provide solar power to the Atorkor Vocational Training Institute in Ghana (AVTI). Following his death, the school building was named in Peter’s honour. When faced with the challenges, Peter had said, “Just get it done.” Now it is done and it’s changing people’s lives.

The school is located at the seaside, just miles away from the equator. It offers a range of vocational training including computer training,

 trade subjects and core subjects, including languages and mathematics. When the region experiences power cuts, which are common in Ghana, this school barely feels its impact. The reason is that the school's main power source is solar energy.

Students pose in front of the schoolThe AVTI is the only school under the Ghanian National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) that is solar-powered and has become a model school when talking about green energy due to the efforts of the late Peter Naylor, Ex-president of Tippet Richardson and various other individuals affiliated to the cause ...

Photos: (Top, left to right) - David Carter, Peta Hall, Enoch (Atorkor instructor) and Peter Naylor; (Bottom) - Students pose in front of the school.

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