Doing something right at PAIMA

Jan 07 | 2022

An interview by Steve Jordan with Antonio Tremols, Executive Director of PAIMA.

Antonio Tremols  The Pan American International Movers Association (PAIMA). As I travel the world and speak to movers everywhere I go, I occasionally come across some who have never heard of PAIMA. So, in an effort to try to fill in some of the gaps in industry knowledge, I spoke to Antonio Tremols (Tony), PAIMA Executive Director, to find out more.

Tony has been with PAIMA for five years. Until then he had never been involved in the moving industry other than as a frequent customer as his family moved around the world with his father’s job, as an executive with DuPont. Tony too worked in a marketing role with the company before joining PAIMA in 2016.    

He said that PAIMA was started in 1984 by a handful of moving companies who had intended to join LACMA (Latin American and Caribbean International Movers Association) but were unable to. They decided to create their own Latin American moving organisation, and PAIMA was born. The reasons for the incompatibility are now, largely, lost in the mists of time, but PAIMA has now grown to become a formidable organisation worldwide.

“PAIMA started growing in Latin American in the early years, but we now have around 160 members in 55 countries worldwide,” said Tony. He is also delighted that some of those founding members are counted among them.

So what is it about PAIMA that attracts movers? ...

Photo: Antonio Tremols.

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