OMNI sustainability workshop looks at employee equality and development

Sep 06 | 2022

On 13 July, 2022 OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International), held the third of its Sustainable Development Series of workshops. As previously, the workshop, hosted by consultant Johan de Kam, was open to all OMNI and FIDI members.

Johannes de KamThe topic this time was Employee management: equality and development.  It focussed on two key aspects as highlighted in the United Nations Sustainability Goals 5 and 8: gender equality and decent work for all.

Johan pointed out that people in privileged positions rarely consider issues of identity, differential treatment or access. They often adopt a principle of meritocracy, in which selection is based purely on ability, yet even this approach can harbour systemic issues of inequality and ingrained bias.  Operating fairly in terms of labour practices, recruitment and the environment has benefits for employee and employer alike.

Gender equality
Johan referred to an argument that offered a clear business and environmental case for greater representation of women in senior positions. But he explained that the system is still disproportionately weighted towards men with women being under greater pressure to ‘prove’ themselves. Discussions with the participants at the workshop looked at barriers to achieving gender equality and opportunities for improvement.  

Decent work for all
This part of the discussion focussed on giving people the opportunity to lead fulfilling lives with employers providing emotional and educational support, a safe and flexible working environment, and adequate remuneration. It considered the employment of refugees, young people and those approaching retirement.

As with the first part of the workshop, attendees discussed barriers to achieving this aim and opportunities for social mobility, such as improved education and a greater emphasis on attitude rather than qualifications.

The fourth in the OMNI Sustainable Development Series of workshops will take place on 21 September, 2022. It will focus on Developing Low Carbon Corporations and will, again, be open to all OMNI and FIDI members. 

The workshops have been intentionally spaced at two-month intervals to give participants the opportunity to implement new ideas before moving on to the next step.

Photo:  The workshop was hosted by Dr Johan de Kam and was open to all OMNI and FIDI members.

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