Saving fuel and proving CO2 emissions

Sep 06 | 2022

Robin Quittard from fleetenergies was recently interviewed by The Mover. His company specialises in reducing energy costs and the environmental footprint of HGVs. It uses patented technology to take precise, real-time measurements of vehicles’ fuel consumption and both CO2 and NOx emissions.

Robin Quittard, fleetenergies

The data can help you to save fuel, prevent thefts from vehicles and provide your corporate clients with valuable data to help them identify the emissions from every move for every assignee. The company says it will help you to reduce fuel consumption by around 15% and could cost you less than €10 a month per vehicle.

The principle is simple: it takes continual measurements of the fuel level in the tank, not the flow of fuel through the fuel lines.  This is the same principle that’s used in aircraft where the fuel consumption and loading is critical. According to fleetenergies this is a much more accurate method of monitoring and measuring fuel consumption as information from manufacturers can vary.  It also measures what the company calls ‘bad consumption’ that is fuel used while the vehicle is stopped, and theft from vehicles or during refueling. It even calculates the additional fuel used if tanks are continually refueled when still half full, through the excess weight carried. The system helps operators identify if the correct vehicle is being used on a particular job and monitors driving habits to highlight aggressive drivers. It can even help companies calculate costs more accurately for tenders ...

Photo: Robin Quittard, fleetenergies.

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