Where will the hydrogen come from?

Sep 06 | 2022

According to an article published recently by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) in the UK, the infrastructure for the provision of hydrogen to fuel HGVs for long distance work, is well underway.

Where will the hydrogen come from for HGVs?While manufacturers continue to develop ever more advanced battery technology for short and medium-distance haulage, hydrogen is emerging as the fuel of choice for longer journeys.

The article said that in July, BP and BOC had revealed their joint venture in a hydrogen refuelling network for HGVs across the UK. A feasibility study concluded that the best way to dispense hydrogen was as a compressed gas from a road trailer although liquid hydrogen could become practicable in the longer term. BP already has plans to build a blue hydrogen plant (with hydrogen produced from natural gas) in Teesside.

Richard Harding, BP Senior Vice President, said that users of HGVs both need and want to decarbonise.  To do so would require new infrastructure but he is “confident that together we can do more to drive change at pace for our customers”.

There are other initiatives ...

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