Passing the baton at BAR

Oct 05 | 2022

As BAR embarks on its search for a new director general, Ian Studd, the current DG, explains what the job entails and hints at the qualities his successor will need to succeed.

Ian Studd and his staff at BAR in WatfordThe British Association of Removers (BAR), the oldest, biggest and best-known removals association in the UK, is on the lookout for a new leader.  Ian Studd, the current Director General, has been in the job since July 2015 and is getting close to retirement.  So, what does the job entail and what sort of person is needed to fill the role?

Ian Studd Firstly, of course, Ian acknowledged that he was heading up a small team comprised of people who really knew what they were doing.  He continually interacts with these professionals who look after their departments dealing with membership matters, compliance issues, the ombudsman scheme, and the process of re-inspecting every BAR member nationwide, every 12 months. He also takes direction from and works closely with the BAR Board that is comprised of member owners and senior managers.

Training is a major membership benefit, run by Stephen Thorpe.  BAR provides a wide range of courses for both craft and knowledge skills, some provided by the expanding network of Regional Training Centres (there are currently 11), some at BAR in Watford and, where possible, online. “Improving the training we offer was an imperative for me when I started,” said Ian.  “In 2019, before the pandemic, we trained 1100 people.  In the first six months of 2022 we have trained 800 and the appetite for training is growing fast.” ...

Photos: (left to right): Ian Studd; Ian Studd and his staff at BAR in Watford.

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