Making money by helping customers transfer funds overseas

Oct 31 | 2022

By helping your customers transfer their money abroad you can reduce their costs of moving and, probably, make a little for yourself.

Partnering with a foreign exchange comany can assist you and your clientWhen a customer sells a property, prior to moving home, the cost of transferring those funds to an overseas bank account can be very high.  In many cases those costs can exceed the cost of moving.  But, according to Halo Financial, by pointing your customers towards a currency transfer specialist, those costs can be reduced.  What’s more, you can earn a commission for your own company as well.

“As a removal company partnering with a foreign exchange company, you can assist your clients with transferring their money from one currency to another,” a spokesman for the company explained. “Providing these additional services will help you build a closer bond with your customer while increasing your organisation's profitability and enhancing the end-user experience.”

Currency specialists can work closely with your clients looking at their costs and helping them remove the risks of currency fluctuation. It is not uncommon for the currency markets to move 5% in one week, let alone over a longer period whilst clients are completing the moving process ...

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