Taking care of your people abroad

Oct 31 | 2022

The international moving industry is a global business. This means that staff are frequently working away from their home country, either because they spend a lot of time travelling or because they are contracted elsewhere.

It’s very easy for companies to believe that those outwardly confident, self-assured colleagues are fine when working away from home.  Why wouldn’t they be: they have all the comfort their position commands.  But there is much more to it than that.

Many employees can suffer emotionally when working abroad and might feel unable or unwilling to share their concerns.  In addition, attitudes to mental health vary in different cultures.  It is incumbent upon employers to give them the opportunities they need to access help, should they need it.

10 October was World Mental Health Day.   According to Towergate Health & Protection its purpose is to encourage employers to use the opportunity to ensure any mental health support they offer is fit for purpose, and to take into account global cultural differences.

Sarah Dennis, Head of International at Towergate Health & Protection, said: “Employers with staff overseas have the added challenge that views and attitudes to mental health differ hugely around the world. It’s not taken seriously in every country, and this can hold employees back from utilising any support they’re offered.”

Sarah said that employees abroad face very specific challenges that can affect their mental wellbeing ...

Photo: Sarah Dennis.

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