Explorage: a new way to get storage business in the UK

Jan 10 | 2023

Steve Jordan talks to Anna Roberts from Explorage about her new company and how it can help drive customers to your storage facilities.

explorage.comExplorage is a new company founded to provide a way for consumers to source reliable storage facilities anywhere in the UK.  It was set up by Anna Roberts in 2019 and then put on ice because of the lockdown.  In 2022 Anna has brought the company out of hibernation and is already populating the explorage.com website with appropriate information to help customers find facilities that are right for them.  If your company is on the lookout for new storage customers, Explorage might be useful to you. Read on …

I met Anna when Explorage was exhibiting at The Movers and Storers Show in November. I was intrigued because I had not seen a site quite like this in the past.  I asked Anna why she had set up the site?  What gave her the idea?

She explained that she was looking for a new opportunity following a successful career as a chartered surveyor.  “I had a lot of former colleagues who were living in Manchester City Centre.  They went to the mountains or to the beach at the weekends with their bikes and surfboards. I live in Anglesey and I thought it made more sense for them to store the things locally to where they were going rather than in a cramped flat in Manchester.”

Anna realised that there were self storage places in Anglesey but to find them her friends would need to Google each one individually and compare them.  “I couldn't fathom why there wasn't a marketplace site for storage.  Then I became a bit obsessed with it.”

She felt that the process was inefficient.  “Life is too short to have inefficient experiences,” she said. “Technology should make our lives easier.  That excites me, and that's what I aspire to with Explorage.  It's a stressful and emotional time for people, so doing something that potentially helps them is really satisfying.”

From the storage operator’s point of view, the process is simple ...

Photo: Anna and her staff at The Movers & Storers Show.

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