Making the world better with LACMANext

Jan 10 | 2023

Steve Jordan talks to Daniela Krumdiek about the work of LACMANext, both in and outside the moving industry.

LACMANext volunteers at work with TECHOThere are under 40s groups attached to most of the major moving associations in the world: the IAM Young Professionals, FIDI’s 39 Club and others.  All, in my experience, bring together very talented people and provide the foundation for the development of the industry.  They all provide opportunities for networking, socialising and education.  Many also are involved in charitable projects.  But when I first came to know LACMANext (only recently I confess), I was astounded at the work the organisation was doing.  Work that is perfectly aligned with the needs of Latin American society.  I wanted to know more.

So I asked for an interview with Daniela Krumdiek, Business Development Manager of Express Transports in Lima, Peru who is also the president of LACMANext.  Daniela has only been in the moving industry since 2015 when she joined her father’s company having previously had a successful career in communications for companies selling consumer goods. It seems that one taste of the LACMA conference and she was hooked. “I went to LACMA not knowing anybody, neither the difference between a 40- or 20-feet container. Of course, I fell in love with the network and the networking part. I love having friends all over the world, being part of an important moment for the client, and that every day is different.”

Daniela Krumdiek  LACMANext started in 2002. Daniela joined in 2017 as Director of Latin America, then as Vice President and interim president during the pandemic. She officially became president at the Miami conference in 2022 with Maria Eugenia Mansur, Edelweiss Argentina as Vice President; Patricia Campos, Autogiro Uruguay and Latin America Director; and Luis Holst, Gridiron USA as Director Rest of the World.   “Since I started in the industry, I felt I belonged to it,” said Daniella.  “Not only to Express but to the associations and mainly LACMA. I think people also saw that in me.”

LACMANext provides a range of services to its under-40 members including its own programme of events at the annual conference.  It also has an exciting exchange programme that gives people the opportunity to work in another country for a time to gain valuable experience. Then there is LACMA Wednesday when the LACMANext Board posts positive messages about LACMA, every other week, on social media.

But it was its charitable work that really caught my attention ...

Top:  LACMANext volunteers at work with TECHO.
Bottom: Daniela Krumdiek.

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