Talking technology with EDC

Feb 02 | 2023

Steve Jordan talks to Diana Corona of Enterprise Database Corporation (EDC®) of Washington DC, about the company’s early beginnings and unique product range.

Diana Corona receiving a Tech 100 Company award.

It was back in 2001, when the millennium was new, that Diane and her husband Richard Corona decided on a change of life.  Richard was a confirmed techie who had worked with a major software company for many years; but it was time for a change.  It was time to start something new, something that was his and that he and Diana could build together.

“It was a leap of faith at the beginning,” admitted Diana. “But we had worked out that there was not really an efficient way of processing large amounts of data, so Richard came up with a very special architecture that would allow systems to do this very quickly.”

It was successful in helping large companies reduce their processing time and EDC was able to secure a long-term contract with the Virginia Port Authority which gave the new venture the platform for development that it needed.

But Diana explained that by 2005 they had decided that they didn’t just want to work as consultants, they wanted a customer-facing product of their own.  This was when a chance meeting at the local Chamber of Commerce put them in touch with Chuck Bailey of Executive Moving Systems (now with Cornerstone Moving & Storage).  “Chuck wanted to develop a new paperless operations management system for his moving company,” explained Diana.  “This gave us the opportunity to enter a niche market.”

That was the company’s first contact with the moving market.  But they didn’t just build the product and sell it to Chuck’s company with him paying all the development costs. Instead EDC retained ownership of the product and released it on license.  Chuck acted as the industry expert in the development process. “It was a totally different approach,” said Diana. The product EDC developed became EDC-MoveStar.

From there, EDC went on to build a range of products for moving customers, including EasyDPS for moving companies working with the US military.  As well as moving and operations software, the range now includes digital inventories, web and mobile sales tools, and much more.  But there is one product that seemed to me, when talking to Diana, to be extraordinary.  It’s called GOgistiX and it seems to be a potential holy grail for the industry.  I am no expert of moving technology, but I haven’t been made aware of anything quite like it before, though I know many have tried ...

Photo: Diana receiving the award as a top 100 company in the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) Tech 100 Company awards.

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