Money for Nothing

Feb 07 | 2023

‘Money for Nothing’ was the title of a seminar presented by Sarah Davie, from foreign exchange specialist Spartan FX, at The Movers & Storers Show last November.

Sarah DavieUnfortunately, despite its eye-catching billing, the session failed to attract an audience, although Sarah courageously soldiered on and delivered her presentation to an almost empty room! The situation was reminiscent of a similar seminar planned by rival company, Currencies Direct at the 2012 M&S show in Telford when not a single person turned up and the session had to be abandoned.

In these uncertain times of rampant inflation, record energy prices and high interest rates, it is surprising that few people seem interested in learning how to save money when trading with companies overseas or earning extra cash by helping customers moving overseas save thousands of pounds on their property transactions. But for some unfathomable reason it seems many in the moving industry just don’t get it.

Here's how it works. As Sarah explained, there are basically two elements to the service from which moving companies can benefit.  If you have suppliers abroad that you need to pay in foreign currency, or you are receiving payments for goods and services from abroad, using a company like Spartan FX will give you access to much cheaper exchange rates than those available from the high street banks. Spartan FX deals in 40 foreign currencies to over 200 destinations, so wherever you are in the world and wherever you need to move money to and from, they can help. Sarah also explained how currencies can be bought in advance to take advantage of a favourable exchange rate with the funds being held on account free of charge by Spartan FX until they are required. 

The second element will benefit your customers and generate income for you simply by introducing them to Spartan FX. Most people moving abroad who need to transfer funds, perhaps from savings accounts or the sale of their property, will not be aware of specialist foreign exchange services and will simply use their bank to handle the transaction. Using a company like Spartan FX will typically save around 3%, so on an average priced house costing £300,000 in the UK that’s a whopping £9000 that would otherwise end up in the bank’s coffers. In some cases, this could cover the cost of the entire move and may even leave a little change for them to spend on their new home.

And it’s not only about lower exchange rates. Just like a house move, no two customers have exactly the same requirements and foreign currency specialists pride themselves on dealing with every case on an individual basis to give the customer exactly what they need rather than the impersonal, one size fits all approach, usually adopted by the mainstream banks.

By simply introducing a customer to Spartan FX you’ll receive a percentage of the proceeds from the transaction as a commission even if your customer decides to use another company to carry out the move. The referral process is simple, no stress, no hard work, in fact you can do it all sitting in your armchair if you wish, and once you’ve set the wheels in motion Spartan FX will take care of everything without further involvement from you. That’s all there is to it. Money for nothing indeed!

While most of the larger international moving companies have offered international currency services for many years, there must be thousands of companies around the world who could be benefitting from an additional income stream who are missing out. Even if your company doesn’t do international moves you can still refer people you know are moving internationally and get a slice of the action. What are you waiting for?

For more information, please contact Sarah Davie at

Photo: Sarah Davie, Partnership Manager at Spartan FX.