Shipping index of green heroes and villains

Mar 07 | 2023

Xeneta has taken the first step in a campaign to identify the carrier industry’s best and worst environmental performers across the world’s 13 leading shipping trades.

Green shipping heroes and villains

With the help of the Carbon Emissions Index (CEI), a unique tool from Xeneta and Marine Benchmark, carriers have been assessed on the main Far East to South America East Coast container corridor. The analysis makes uncomfortable reading for industry giant Evergreen.

Proof of performance
In an age of ever-greater environmental scrutiny, the CEI aims to provide global shippers with the data they need to make informed ‘green shipping’ decisions for their cargoes. Built on the foundation of real-time AIS data and individual vessel specifications, the index covers the main routes for liners, tracking movements and calculating emission footprints.

Xeneta will now be announcing the industry’s ‘heroes and villains’ for each trade in the weeks and months to come.

According to this latest analysis, the CO2 emitted per ton of cargo from the Far East to the East Coast of South America rose by 6.3% (quarter-on-quarter) in Q4 2022. This leaves the trade with a CEI of 96.6, its highest tally since Q3 2021 and the highest CEI of all the five major corridors out of the Far East.

Stakeholders take note
The scores of individual carriers, reveals Peter Sand, Xeneta Chief Analyst, were “very mixed” with clear winners and others, he says, “that would benefit from doubling down on their efforts.” ...

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