Why saving passwords in the browser is not safe

Mar 28 | 2023

Gediminas Brencius from NordPass, the password manager company, explains why a third-party app is a safer choice for your passwords.

Gediminas Brencius

According to NordLocker, the company behind the NordPass password manager, 26 million credentials were stolen from around one million websites between 2018 and 2020.  The company says this is a result of a single type of malware that successfully grabbed users’ personal data from browsers. However, despite cybersecurity experts’ continuous warnings about the vulnerabilities of browser or system password managers, Internet users continue to fall into the ‘But it’s convenient!’ trap.

"Because we don't use a handsaw to drive in a nail, we should not use browsers for password management,” said Gediminas Brencius, Head of Product Growth at NordPass. “Of course, browser password management seems practical to most users because they do not have to install or purchase additional software. Yet ‘free of charge’ sometimes costs a  fortune in cybersecurity."

From no encryption standards to poor storage capacities, Gediminas Brencius explains the vulnerabilities behind browser or system password managers ...

Photo: Gediminas Brencius.

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