Working somewhere wonderful

Mar 28 | 2023

Steve Jordan talks to Karolina Saviova, joint founder of AltoVita, the technology-driven corporate housing company, about the trend for employees to demand some time in the sunshine.

Karolina SaviovaAccording to AltoVita, there is a trend towards more employees requesting a posting to a more varied range of locations than ever, including working in warmer locations, outside of cities and accommodation which provides a wide range of amenities, now that Working from Anywhere (WFA) has become generally accepted in corporate circles. 

AltoVita started four years ago with an apparently simple mission to standardise quality assurance in the corporate, short-term rental accommodation market.  The company’s service resonated with employees of larger organisations and relocation management companies and focussed throughout the pandemic on those companies that were likely to do well during that time such as technology and pharmaceutical companies. AltoVita now operates in 165 countries and has a network of 1,000,000 properties available on its platform.

Karolina Saviova, the company’s joint founder and COO, takes care of global operations, client development, customer success, the supply chain strategy and finance. She said that the typical length of stay in temporary accommodation is now around 48 days, up from 35 before COVID. This is before they find a more permanent place to live.

Of course, the decision about where an employee is posted still rests with the company ...

Team AltoVita

Photos: Top - Karolina Saviova; Bottom - Team AltoVita.

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