Contracting out sales

May 09 | 2023

Steve Jordan talks to Yuriy Margolin of Moving Sales Professionals LLC in the USA about a concept that has caught on in the USA and might be about to break on the UK’s shores in the near future.

The MSP teamA company in The States, run by Yuriy Margolin, is a little unusual in my experience.  It’s called Moving Sales Professionals LLC (MSP).  It’s not a lead generation company, nor is it a broker, it’s a sales company that provides its services direct to moving companies, so they don’t need their own sales force. It’s a call centre for movers.

Of course, you can always do the sales yourself. Calling (or visiting) customers, answering their questions, conducting the survey, working out the quotations, overcoming objections and converting the sale.  It’s the way it’s always been done.  But it’s hard.  Good salespeople are hard to find and difficult to keep.  They are expensive, need regular training, company cars, incentives and, as part of the permanent staff, are an inflexible business asset that is hard to change as a company workload flexes with the seasons or to keep up with its development. Using a selling service, by contrast, means you pay only for the salespeople you need and can be virtually guaranteed to have someone who is well versed in the industry and accomplished at ‘getting the order’ every time.

Yuriy has been doing sales since he was a teenager. He’s worked with moving companies in both sales and operations, so he knows the business. He has trained his people in both, so they know the business as well as he does.

The process is simple ...

Photo: The MSP team.

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