The rise and rise of the DAB

May 09 | 2023

Steve Jordan talks to Chris Lantz, DAB Chairman, to check on progress of this new group that represents local moving companies in the USA.

Chris LantzIn 2021 the IAM (International Association of Movers) in the USA created a discrete group called the Domestic Asset-Based Mover Group (DAB). As the name suggests, the group’s aim is to represent domestic movers in the USA that have ‘boots on the ground’ – the people who actually do the work, own the trucks, meet the customers, and go the hard yards to get the job done every day. 

The DAB is now 18 months old so The Mover spoke to the DAB Chairman, Chris Lantz, to see how the organisation was progressing.

“We have come a long way,” he said. “We now have over 150 members signed up representing well over 300 locations.  It’s our aim to have DABs in every US state.” 

Understandably, much of the DAB’s work revolves around the US military, the world’s largest customer for moving companies.  Chris explained that the DAB had been working closely with the military to improve the contracts, help the customer see the mover’s perspective and make the contracts more equitable.  

Chris also explained that the DAB has been working with its members to explore alternatives to military work.  Some companies have stopped trading because they are unsure of what the new contract will hold for them.  Chris wants to avoid that.  “Diversification has been a very big part of our messaging to our agents,” he said. “How can they diversify so they don't have to rely on the GHC (Global Household Goods Contract).”  The DAB had a very well-attended breakout session at the IAM conference in Atlanta on this topic. “We want people to open their minds to other work they could become involved with. We are helping them to be prepared in case the new contract is not something they want to do. We want them to have options.”

Has the DAB been a success so far?  ...

Photo: Chris Lantz.

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