The competitive advantage of good diversity and inclusion

Jun 07 | 2023

Carolina Taddie from Bliss Corporation looks at why companies should aim to be more inclusive and how they can do it.

Carolina TaddeiThe concept of diversity and inclusion (D&I) is relatively new in the workplace. Creating more inclusive and heterogeneous workplaces is becoming a hotly debated issue.  However, it appears that good diversity management can present a market advantage.

But to better understand D&I we should start from a fundamental assumption: where there is diversity, there is inclusion.  Only if we are able to move away from all those stereotypes that contribute to raising barriers and putting obstacles between people will we really be able to contribute to building a more balanced society with equal opportunities for all.

Diversity refers to the diversity of personal viewpoints, whereas inclusion means giving people the opportunity to operate free from the burden of prejudice. The adoption of these principles in business seems to be directly proportional to the rise of multi-ethnic societies and a higher proportion of women in the workplace ...

Photo: Carolina Taddei, Bliss Corporation.

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