Mixing hub and home working

Jul 10 | 2023

Steve Jordan talks to David Pascoe of Cartus about the company’s new flexible working hub in Swindon, UK.

David PascoeIn the June issue of The Mover, we reported that Cartus had opened a new hub in the UK.  The new workplace provides flexible office facilities for the company’s 270-strong workforce in an environment that owes much to the changes that had been made to manage the COVID crisis.  I was intrigued to see it for myself and to understand more about how this type of hybrid working operates in practice.

So I headed out west, to Swindon in darkest Wiltshire, to visit David Pascoe, the company’s executive senior vice president of EMEA and APAC, global talent mobility, and take a look at the new place. I was impressed.

It was clear, even before I left home, that there was something different here as I received an email inviting me to check in, airport style, to gain entry. QR code firmly The new Cartus hub in Swindon  screen-shot onto my phone, I arrived with confidence, to be greeted with a cheery smile and welcome from Louise Koncowski, Manager, Branding & Communications, who had set up the visit for me.

Once inside, the scale of the building, and its novel design, becomes apparent. It’s extraordinary, futuristic, with precariously curving windows giving it light while an automatic blind system keeps out the heat of the sun. Rather than the hubbub of a standard office, it was quiet, calm and spacious. It really did feel like the kind of place anyone would want to work, given a
choice ...

Top - David Pascoe.
Bottom - Cartus' new flexible working hub in Swindon.

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