Not a sexy business

Jul 10 | 2023

Steve Jordan offers his thoughts about a much-peddled cliché from a seriously misunderstood industry.

Working in a misunderstood business

How many times have you heard it: moving is not a sexy business?  It’s usually trotted out in relation to a discussion about staff recruitment and retention.  I think it’s wrong.  Allow me to explain.

Nobody ever grows up wanting to get into the moving business.  That’s another cliché.  I accept this one probably is true.  Certainly for me, like so many others, I came into this industry by accident.  I needed a job (badly), answered an advert and, presto! there I was driving a desk.  No I didn’t grow up wanting to joining the moving industry.  But that was only because I knew nothing about it.  If I had known what was to follow over the next 50 years, I might have thought differently.

I think the moving industry is very sexy (sexy in the ‘exciting’ sense – though I did meet my wife at an industry conference – maybe a story for another day). 

Let’s look at it from the perspective of the on-road staff.  They are working with people, in their own homes, with the things that are most precious to them, at a time in their lives when they are most vulnerable, and who are in acute need of professionalism, understanding and skill.  Now anyone who can’t find a glory somewhere amongst that lot needs medical help.    

The office staff maybe don’t have the same direct contact (except the sales people), but they are also an integral part of perhaps the biggest adventure any of their customers have or ever will have. They are relied upon, trusted and valued as allies during a time of crisis.  You might not have a key to the C-Suite toilet in a crystal tower block, or make mega bucks, but when it comes down to job satisfaction … well, you are doing OK.

Then there’s management ...

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