Doing business the Cartus way

Aug 07 | 2023

Last month Steve Jordan interviewed David Pascoe, Executive Senior Vice President of EMEA and APAC, Global Talent Mobility, for Cartus.

David PascoeOur story in the July issue focussed on the company’s switch to hybrid working for its employees.  In the second part of the interview, Steve asked David about trends in the industry and the relationship this major RMC has with moving companies.

There was an irony.  The opportunity to work from home, rather than be tied to an office in a particular location, so successfully applied by Cartus to its own workforce, when applied to Cartus’ customers, would reduce the need for the relocation services the company provides.  I wondered how David saw this trend developing.

He explained that they had seen organisations go through cycles of allowing people to work from almost anywhere, but that was changing.  “A lot of big organisations seem to have retracted from that,” he explained.  “New hires often have a relocation package, in which they can choose their location, but more and more we're seeing organisations require them to be in the same country and near to the city in which they are based.  People can’t just go anywhere.”  That said, he felt it was still too early to see how companies’ policies will settle.  “We've often seen organisations come out with big policies and then do U-turns very quickly.”

The technology effect
I was interested on David’s thoughts on the use of apps for assignees.  There are many apps available that can help assignees, reducing, to some extent at least, the role of the RMC.  How were they going to affect the industry? ...

Photo: David Pascoe.

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