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Aug 07 | 2023

Steve Jordan interviews Dominik and Helena Fischer about their new business in Switzerland: Altaventura.

Dominik and Helena FischerDominik Fischer left Kehrli + Oeler in Switzerland, the company that had been his home for many years, in 2019 to start something new.  As fate would have it, it wasn’t the best time for anyone to start a new venture – but he wasn’t to know COVID was waiting just around the corner.

He left to help a friend grow a large freight forwarding company.  This had been Dominik’s background, so he was comfortable with the transition from household goods.  It was also his intention to introduce household goods shipping to the business to use the benefit of his long experience.

But it didn’t work out that way. It wasn’t COVID’s fault.  He said it was something he had wanted to do for a very long time, but the idea was better than the reality.  “I just realised that it wasn’t for me,” said Dominik.

So last year he started his own moving company in Zurich, Altaventura.  “It's a very small moving company with no assets, just my wife, Helena, and me,” he explained.  Helena also worked for Kehrli + Oeler in the past.  “We are purely focussing on high-net-worth private individuals.”  His customers are generally moving to one of a handful of countries including: Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Thailand, the Philippines, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal and the USA.

I was intrigued to fine out how he sought out his customers as, after all, most companies would be happy with that kind of business ...

Photo: Dominik and Helena Fischer.

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