The garden in the sky

Aug 07 | 2023

Steve Jordan reports on what could be the industry’s most glamorous business event of the year: the AltoVita summit in London.

Ivan Peralta, AltoVita, presenting at the Smart, Safe, Sustainable SummitIt was on 8 June, 2023, a very sunny day in London town, that the relocation industry came together in the glamourous setting of the London Sky Garden for the Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit hosted by AltoVita, the corporate housing platform that has shaken the industry with its success in the last few years.  The Sky Garden is a three-storey glass dome sitting on top of a 30+ storey building in the heart of London with panoramic views of the entire city. It was a truly breathtaking location for what was to be, for many, an inspirational event.

The day packed in panel discussions with guests from leading organisations in a wide range of industries.  The organisation was faultless.  With so many presentations, multiple guests and moderators, coffee breaks, lunch and a drinks reception to squeeze into less than eight hours, there was plenty of opportunity for a slip.  But there were none. 

The centrepiece of the event was a new product launch from AltoVita presented by CEO Vivi Cahyadi Himmel.  ‘Alto Insight’ as the product is called, is a data collection and analysis system that will allow companies to manage their corporate housing programmes more efficiently and allow them to make data-driven decisions rather than just relying on ‘gut feel’.  It will allow users to dive much deeper into their data to better understand needs, experiences and to manage costs. It will be available to clients in September 2023.

Much of the rest of the event was designed to support the importance of efficient data collection and management ...

Photo: Ivan Peralta, AltoVita, presenting at the Smart, Safe, Sustainable Summit.

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