Being truthful about environmental sustainability

Sep 07 | 2023

An interview with Hannah Mostert, from Stephen Morris Shipping, about a more honest approach to the environmental conundrum.

Hannah MostertSustainability has become something of a buzzword, not just in the moving industry, but everywhere. It’s a term that is open to abuse, with companies often making claims that they cannot substantiate conclusively, in an attempt to join a passing bandwagon and gain a little market share – or avoid losing it.  It’s known as ‘greenwashing’ and is abhorred by those serious in trying to make some meaningful attempt at protecting the environment.

Stephen Morris Shipping in London is aware of the commercial benefits of running a more sustainable and accountable business. But, in an antidote to greenwashing, is going about it in a much more scientific way. The company is taking the issue so seriously that it has appointed a sustainability champion who, not only feels strongly about protecting the environment, has the education and qualifications to match.

Hannah Mostert joined the company six months ago as its Art Logistics manager. But she’s much more than that. She has a Master’s degree in Art Logistics and her MA dissertation was in environmental policy as it does and could relate to art logistics.  Having grown up in Canada, and seen greenbelt land disappear at the hands of developers, she also has a passionate interest in the environment. “My job is to ship fine arts and antiques,” she explained, “but I am also trying to streamline our processes to minimise the effect on the environment.”

Hannah does not hide her distaste for those organisations that pay lip service to green issues ...

Photo: Hannah Mostert.

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