AI the mobility company's best friend

Sep 13 | 2023

José Luis Tabuenca Rivero, Head of Marketing and Sales at SIT Spain, offers an insight into what AI can do to help mobility companies gain a marketing edge.

Jose Luis Tabuenca RiveroArtificial intelligence (AI) and digitalisation are becoming more popular in the mobility business.  These new tools are transforming processes and are beginning to have an impact on people's lives, for example, when moving house.  

Those of us who are traditional companies and have been in the removals sector for more than 50 years, must adapt to the new times as our clients increasingly demand everything fast and now. If we are able to do this, it will give us a competitive advantage as we use big data in the cloud to help us provide live rates and moving times, in just one click. 

At SIT Spain, we are working with artificial intelligence through the union of ChatGPT and Microsoft's PowerBI, which filters and analyses the data collected by our database in the cloud to help us make better decisions.  

AI can be used to help us solve many day-to-day issues.  Here are a few: 

  • Automated Customer Service: AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can handle customer enquiries, provide instant responses to frequently asked questions and guide customers through the booking process. This enables removals companies to deliver 24/7 support, improve response times, and reduce the workload on customer service teams. 
  • Smart Route Optimisation: AI algorithms can optimise route planning for removals, considering factors such as traffic conditions, distance, and time constraints. By analysing data in real-time, AI can identify the most efficient routes for multiple removals, saving time, fuel costs, and reducing the environmental impact. 
  • Intelligent Inventory Management: AI can help removals companies to manage their storage inventories more effectively with better identification, tracking and categorisation. This helps companies maintain accurate inventory records, minimise errors, and streamline operations. 


  • Predictive Maintenance: AI-powered systems can monitor the condition of removals vehicles and equipment in real-time, detecting potential issues before they become major problems. By predicting maintenance requirements, companies can schedule proactive repairs, minimise downtime, and reduce the costs associated with unexpected breakdowns. 


  • Enhanced Security and Fraud Detection: AI technologies, such as facial recognition and anomaly detection, can bolster security measures for removals companies. These tools can authenticate customers, verify employee identities, and detect suspicious activities, ensuring a safer working environment and protecting sensitive information. 


  • Data Analytics for Business Insights: AI can analyse vast amounts of data collected from various sources, including customer feedback, operational metrics, and market trends. By extracting valuable insights from this data, removals companies can make informed business decisions, improve service quality, and identify areas for optimisation and growth. 

Artificial intelligence offers a multitude of advantages for removals companies, ranging from automated customer service and smart route optimisation to intelligent inventory management and predictive maintenance. By embracing AI technologies, removals companies can enhance their operational efficiency, provide better customer experiences, and gain a competitive edge in the industry. 

“The real power of AI lies not in replacing humans, but in augmenting their capabilities”. Izabela Lundberg, M.S. , Business Consultant and Founder of Legacy Leaders Institute.

Editor’s note:
For those who are interested, José Luis tells me that this story, in part at least, was written using ChatGPT.  Good isn’t it!

Photo: José Luis Tabuenca Rivero.