Disrupting the mobility industry

Oct 03 | 2023

Steve Jordan talks to Beth Neilson and Michelle Curran, Head of Marketing, for Benivo, to find out more about its new approach to corporate mobility. Is this the disruption the industry has been fearing/hoping for?

Benivo - distrupting the moving industry  Benivo might not be a household name yet in the mobility industry.  But having spoken to Beth and Michelle, I would wager that it might become so.  What makes it different?  Why does it appear to be special?  I’ll try to explain.

For decades now the corporate mobility industry has been dominated by Relocation Management Companies (RMCs).  They manage a full range of services for corporations, providing a one-stop-shop for their customers and bringing together the services of multiple vendors into a single offering.  It’s been very successful, and you can see why.

But today we live in an age of technology. It’s a time when we are all just beginning to dice with AI without knowing quite what it is or what it can do for us.  It’s a time of rapid change.  Benivo, it seems, is challenging the established world of the RMCs by using technology to replace much of that they do.  What’s more, according to Beth and Michelle, it can do it cheaper and more securely. “We are doing things differently,” said Beth. “While the rest of mobility has stood still, we have moved on.  It’s a disruptive approach.”

Benivo does not call itself an RMC, although it delivers what an RMC does plus much more. It is a unified mobility platform that is accessible to corporate accounts, their assignees and the suppliers who serve them. It gives corporations the opportunity, for the payment of a one-off fee, to manage their own mobility programmes, transparently and to give their assignees immediate, 24-hour access to the information they need.

The platform is split into three: corporates; assignees; and vendors including RMCs themselves, some of which use the platform.  Some corporations also prefer to keep some services with RMCs too.

Benivo believes that theirs is the new way forward for mobility.  It’s less expensive; it is more accessible to everyone; it is more secure; and it’s more efficient ...

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