The ART of training

Oct 03 | 2023

An interview with Angus Russell as he embarks on a new career as a full-time trainer for the moving industry in the UK and abroad.

Angus RussellAngus Russell has been involved in training for the UK moving industry for a very long time.  Now, following a long career at the sharp end of moving, he has started his own company, Angus Russell Training Services and Consultancy (ART) to provide training services, all year round, in his own unique style.

Angus first entered the moving industry with Hoults in Newcastle, moving on to Bishop’s Move for the next 15 years before finally joining Britannia Lanes in Bridgwater in 2005, working with his wife to be, Ria Lane. 

He said that he inherited his passion for training whilst working at Bishop’s Move.  “I decided then that I wanted to bring back some of the knowledge the industry was losing,” he said. “How to move a piano or remove a sash window, for example.”

But for Angus, the key has never been in how to do things, it’s why we do them that matters.  “Most training has always been on the back of a van, on the job, where there’s never enough time to explain things properly. If people can be taught to understand why it’s necessary to do things in a particular way, they will retain the information and keep the skills.”  Angus gives the example of wrapping the stems of glasses. “It’s all very well to know that it should be done, but demonstrating why and what difference it makes, is much more effective long term.”   

He also wants to promote the importance of training as critical to a company’s success.  “We make all kinds of promises to our customers, and show them lovely colour brochures and websites, but if the guys on the front line can't deliver, we're wasting our time.”

Angus also believes that training should cross the usual boundaries of skills ...

Photo: Angus Russell.

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