How SEO builds trust and credibility for a moving company

Oct 09 | 2023

Ben Schmitz from Making Moves Marketing shows how to leverage SEO to build trust signals, generate credibility, and multiply a moving company’s profit margins.

Ben SchmitzA moving company, like every other business, can benefit from having a trustworthy and credible digital presence. However, not every mover knows how to achieve that goal, dominate the search engines and maps, and increase their bottom line. With over 8.5 billion daily searches, 65% of which originate from the United States, and over 63% of those searches resulting in users taking action, moving companies can tap into this to scale their business beyond borders.

To achieve this desired confidence and authority level, moving businesses must focus on three fundamental aspects of their SEO plan: site code and structure, On-site content, and Off-site factors and reviews.

Creating confidence is about showing customers that the brand can be trusted with all their needs. But before that, moving businesses need to create an enabling environment that welcomes their online searchers, helps them feel at home within seconds, and captivates their attention. This can be done with an excellent site code and structure, allowing users to enjoy a fast, secure, easy-to-navigate website that encourages them to look around. This achieves the first trust level.

By looking around, potential customers want to see the benefit of using the company. Moving companies can use excellent, user-friendly on-site content to convey this message. An excellent way to achieve this is by capitalising on the user’s pain – in this case, moving needs. Moving companies can use that pain by proposing a solution and showing how that solution differs from everything else they’ve seen.

For example, the moving company’s website can capitalise on the stress of packing and loading items and propose a turnkey solution that includes free quotes, packing and loading services, as well as unpacking at the destination. By identifying the user’s pain and proposing the solution they need, another trust signal is established.

The final step involves social proof and off-site factors to improve credibility and build confidence. 89% of consumers say they make an effort to read product reviews before buying online, which means moving companies need to further cement this factor to convert visitors into credible leads. Off-site factors like authoritative brand links, local mentions, 5-star reviews and ratings on Google My Business, online directories, and review sites can further establish brand confidence and help customers feel as though they’ve known the brand for years.

Ben Schmitz

Ben Schmitz founded Making Moves Marketing, an SEO agency exclusively for moving companies. The company uses its in-depth industry knowledge and SEO expertise to creates tailored strategies that push moving companies to the top in their service area. Making Moves Marketing serves moving companies throughout the US and Canada.