What’s on at the M&S Show 2023

Nov 02 | 2023

Richard Pegler, organiser of The Movers and Storers Show, explains why attending the show this year is a must for movers everywhere.

The Movers and Storers Show 2023In an ever-evolving landscape, the removals and storage industry in the United Kingdom continues to face new challenges and opportunities. With the sector more competitive than ever, industry professionals are seeking innovative ways to stay ahead of the curve and drive success. Thankfully, there's a beacon of knowledge, networking, and innovation that has been shining brightly for 14 years - the UK's largest dedicated trade show for removals and storage.

Staying ahead in a competitive field
Competition within the removals and storage industry has never been fiercer. Changing customer demands, evolving technology, and increasing environmental concerns are just a few of the factors that have left businesses striving for excellence. This is where the UK's biggest trade show for removals and storage comes into play. This event has proven to be an invaluable resource for professionals seeking to gain a competitive edge.

A wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise in one placeOne of the standout features of this trade show is its commitment to knowledge sharing, with over 18 hours of free seminars from industry leaders. This year our speakers will include:

  • Ian Studd, The British Association of Removers
  • Sarah Manning, Secure Stores Nationwide
  • Rennie Schafer, Self Storage Association UK
  • Marlon Walters, TwentyCi
  • Phil Austin, Janus
  • Ant Hebblethwaite – Doncaster Security Operations Centre
  • Matthew Iskandar, TwentyCi

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to access cutting-edge insights and expertise ...

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