PAIMA relaxes in Toronto

Dec 08 | 2023

PAIMA (Pan American International Moving Association) held its annual conference in October in Toronto, Canada.

PAIMA Tonnage StarsAs always the event immediately preceded the IAM conference, in the same venue.  It’s a proven formula that seems to work well for both organisations as well as the PAIMA delegates.

The PAIMA conference is a friendly, relaxed affair, usually with around 150 members attending.  It serves both as an annual get-together for the PAIMA members and, for those involved, a gentle approach to the more frenetic atmosphere of IAM.

Lars Lemche from Teamwork in Brazil is the president.  He presided over the business sessions, ably aided by Executive Director Tony Tremols and the PAIMA Board.  The event follows a trusted formula focussing on Association matters and achievement awa

rds notably for tonnage contributions and the long-running Juan Peralta Ecology Award won this year by Bliss in Italy.  Although Universal Relocations in the USA achieved the highest booked tonnage last year, PAIMA also acknowledges the leading contributions from each region worldwide. Indeed, every company that contributes tonnage to the network is recognised as one of the year’s Tonnage Stars ...

Photo: Tonnage Stars.

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