Revolutionising HR and Global Mobility with ChatGPT

Dec 08 | 2023

ChatGPT can enhance productivity, recruitment, onboarding, and compliance. From an original story written by Annie Erling Gofus and published by Worldwide ERC.

Revolutionising HR and global mobility with ChatGPTHR and global mobility teams often face demanding workloads, which include handling employee documentation, addressing numerous enquiries, orchestrating employee relocations, and adhering to immigration regulations. Nevertheless, by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI)-driven tools, these teams can significantly enhance their productivity and performance in their respective roles.

ChatGPT is an AI technology that is quickly gaining momentum across industry.  A recent survey showed that 50% of all companies have already implemented ChatGPT. Its applications range from composing e-mails and creating software code to crafting cover letters and authoring English essays. ChatGPT can also offer insights into employee performance, recommend enhancements, and develop customised training segments to tackle particular skill deficiencies. 

Of course, it is crucial for users to exercise caution regarding the use of ChatGPT in

specific contexts. HR leaders and managers must emphasize to their teams that AI-generated output should not be accepted without scrutiny. Although ChatGPT can be precise, it is not infallible. The chatbot’s sources are not verified for accuracy, and it relies on human input to enhance its precision. 

Here are four ways that HR and global mobility teams can use ChatGPT ... 

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Read the original story written by Annie Erling Gofus and published by Worldwide ERC here.