The State of IAM

Dec 08 | 2023

Steve Jordan reports as Brian Limperopulos takes over the IAM presidency and Chuck White offer his farewell.

Chuck White  One of the highlights, for some perhaps the highlight of the IAM conference, is the opening general plenary session and the State of IAM address from the president. This year it was particularly poignant as it was to be Chuck White’s last such address before he passed the baton to Brian Limperopulos. 

The session started with Mike Richardson, Chairman of IAM, opening the meeting, thanking the long list of sponsors and running through the agenda.  He then introduced Brian Limperopulos as the current vice president.

Alan F Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund
Brian led with a report on the Alan F Wohlstetter Scholarship Fund.  He explained that the Household Goods Forwarders Association of America, now IAM, was created 61 years ago in Alan’s living room.  The AFWSF honours his legacy.

The fund makes money available to students to receive training to support their careers. In 2023 it awarded five $5,000 scholarships, who were acknowledged from the stage, and 65 $500 industry training awards.  “It is having an incredible impact worldwide,” said Brian. He is expecting even bigger numbers in 2024.

During 2023 the Fund went through a major strategic review using data collected from a survey of members.  That helped the fund’s management focus its purpose: “To advance the professionalism and viability of our workforce and foster a culture of accessibility, excellence and continuous improvement.”  Over the next three years it has identified three strategic priorities: 1) the scholarship fund itself; 2) to accelerate the growth and strength of the workforce coming into the industry; and, 3) to fundraise and support its staff more effectively.

“If you have anybody taking courses or pursuing a programme at an accredited university, college or trade school, this scholarship is available to them,” Brian explained.  “Please apply for it.  If that person is doing something remarkable in the community there may be an additional $2500 in funding available through the Jackie Agner award.” Students of industry training programmes through EuRA, FIDI Academy, IAM Learning, LACMA Training and Worldwide ERC are also eligible ...

Photo: Chuck White delivers his State of IAM address.

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