A tale from the (near) future

Feb 05 | 2024

Larry Kruger from Customized Moving in Canada lets his mind wander to a time when AI makes life simpler for assignees and a little worrying if you are into relocation.

It is not a question that AI will change relocation, the question is how?

With that, let’s peek into the future. When you think about it, relocation is managing information so with that there is not a hell of a lot AI can’t do in a relocation, other than move the furniture. Hug a mover and enjoy the read.

Mary is a senior manager with a manufacturing operation, although it is basically run by robotics the organisation wants her on the ground in Hong Kong. She has used hologram imaging to manage the team to this point but there seems to be some nuances that are screwing with the numbers. She has been asked several times to relocate and with guidance from Frank she negotiated a very hansom relocation enticement bonus. The firm is also picking up all the costs of the relocation as well as adjusting her salary to reflect the cost of living.  Numbers that Frank audited and agreed to.

Mary accepted the position yesterday and asked her personal virtual assistant Frank to manage the entire relocation. (She loves old jazz and Franks voice is a perfect imitation of Frank Sinatra). Frank will organise everything for her and track and pay all expenses from the company account. Although Frank has never done this before, it took him about two seconds to digest all the global data on relocating. Mary is selling her home in Toronto and renting in Hong Kong for three years. Frank has already viewed several living options based on location and Mary’s lifestyle. Frank knows everything there is to know about Mary and she relies on him to make logical decisions. Frank has used the internal security cameras to take some very flattering videos of Mary’s home and listed the property on an open-source listing service. The home had already had 30 virtual shows from other AI assistants and Frank was negotiating with two of them already ...

Photo: Larry Kruger, Customized Moving.

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