Gethin Dalton remembered

Feb 05 | 2024

On December 4, 2023, the world lost a larger than life character, both literally and figuratively.

Gethin Dalton

Gethin Dalton was a bold and eccentric fellow, enjoying nothing better than planning a dress up, or devising a prank, for parties or celebrations regardless of where they were in the world, or how formal they were. He embraced everyone, was the first to crack a joke, bellow with laughter and have everyone in the room in hysterics.

Gethin E Dalton, ‘Longfellow’, was born in Uxbridge, England on 11 January, 1947. He and younger brother Howie were raised by their father, William Arthur Dalton, a member of the Royal Air Force. Gethin spent his early years living between England and South Africa and attended schools in both countries.

He pursued a career in the international moving and relocation industry, starting as a packer and eventually opening his own company, which quickly became highly respected and regarded in South Africa and worldwide. He was a superb businessman who prided himself on the highest level of service at all times. In September 1973, Gethin married the love of his life, Julie, who he affectionately called ‘Winky’. Julie was a saint as she patiently embraced his eccentricities and antics. She grounded him and he always maintained that she was the best thing that ever happened to him, and vice versa. They were soulmates. Together, they thoroughly enjoyed raising three daughters in Johannesburg until 1987. His time spent there with family, friends, braais and African wildlife were some of Gethin’s fondest memories ...

Photo: Gethin Dalton.

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