Moving Forward: A Look at What Is Ahead for 2024

Feb 05 | 2024

Ryan McConnell, President and COO of Atlas Van Lines, looks at what’s in store for the coming moving season.

Ryan McConnell

As we settle into 2024, we can expect there to be market shifts and unexpected challenges to navigate, however, by leveraging our culture, defining a solid strategy, and through processes that support our collective vision, we can make this year a strong one.

First, to know where we are going and how to get there, it is vital to craft a vision and plan. A well-crafted, long-term vision provides the right framework in which to operate, but it will not execute itself and is supported by our entrepreneurial Agents whose salespeople, customer service representatives, and professional van operators or drivers deliver exceptional service to our customers. The human element goes beyond the C-suite and company headquarters to encompass every stakeholder all the way through the pipeline to our clients.

Looking forward, there are two client-centred market trends to keep top of mind this year ...

Photo: Ryan McConnell, President and COO of Atlas Van Lines.

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