Speed dating in Lisbon with ReloAdvisor

Mar 08 | 2024

ReloAdvisor held its third annual meeting at the beginning of February. This time the event moved from a decidedly chilly Netherlands to the warmer environment of Lisbon.

Speed dating in Lisbon with ReloAdvisor

Around 120 people gathered, about the same as last year. It was organised by Marco Maruccia, CEO of lead generation company ReloAdvisor and his team, with the intention of bringing people together from throughout the industry to exchange business.  It’s an inclusive event, not linked to any membership organisation, so gives anyone the opportunity of joining in.

The format diverged from previous events by including speed dating.  This is not quite the same as the one-on-one meetings that have become so popular in recent years.  This time the meetings were limited to just 10 minutes with all the appointments made by ReloAdvisor.  This ensured that people got to spend a little time with people they didn’t know and didn’t know they wanted to know.  It could have failed, but it clearly didn’t.  Many participants reported having a surprising number of very productive meetings and making useful contacts with people they had previously not met.  Mohammed Can, Marketing Manager for ReloAdvisor, said that it was there intention put as many people together as possible. “If we make sure everyone meets everyone else, we have done our job,” he said ...

Photo: Attendees at the ReloAdvisor third annual meeting.

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