Fully insured?

Jun 06 | 2024

Chris Burke, from Burke Bros in the UK, looks at how some moving companies are making misleading promises about insurance cover and why the term ‘Fully Insured’ is only part of the story

Fully Insured can be a misleading termAs every company in the industry competes for attention and trust through a myriad of marketing tactics set to earn the favour of the customer, among these, the phrase ‘fully insured’ has become a common occurrence in the marketing collateral of many a removal company. Whilst it is intended to relieve customers concerns and assure them of protection against unforeseen mishaps, beneath this blanket assurance actually lies a lack of clarity. 

No mover can be 100% fully insured and using this statement leaves customers vulnerable to unexpected losses. It also provides some companies with an unfair advantage, where there should not be an advantage in the first place. I believe removal companies should stop advertising themselves as ‘fully insured’ and be more transparent about coverage exclusions.

The broad strokes of ‘fully insured’ essentially obscures crucial details about what is actually covered and what is excluded from the cover. Firstly, customers are required to pay the excess of their claim, should they make one.  The excess on the policy usually starts at £50.  Also, does ‘fully insured’ make it clear to the customer that they will not be covered for loss or damage if they packed the boxes themselves? No, of course it doesn’t ...

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