Peace and inspiration with OMNI in Dublin

Jul 04 | 2024

Most people in the mobility industry have never been to an OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International) conference. It’s not that it’s a secret, far from it, but it is only open to members and invited guests.

OMNI conference delegates

OMNI has around 100 member companies worldwide.  Many of them are the leaders in their markets.  It also tends to be the owners and senior managers of those businesses that attend the annual meeting.  That makes the OMNI conference rather special.

The meeting brings the top management of some of the most influential companies in the industry together for a few days, somewhere beautiful and peaceful, to share each other’s company, take a step back from day-to-day issues, and think a little more strategically. Working on strategy needs space, quiet and sometimes a touch of inspiration.  That’s why the OMNI conference is different. The people there are those who decide, they take responsibility, they lead.

OMNI President Philippa RobinsonThis year’s event was held at the Carton House Hotel near Dublin. It’s a place that has been a luxury retreat for the royal and famous for centuries. It’s easy to see why.  Set amongst carefully tended parkland the majestic building welcomes and comforts all who pass its way. There is nothing rushed, nothing crowded. Just sitting in one of its sumptuous reception rooms, alone, feeling the history all around and allowing the gentle classical music to flow is memorable and inspiring.

So with this background, it’s not surprising that the topics for discussion, primarily sustainability, economics and European trading opportunities, were set at a strategic level.  Johannes de Kam, the academic who has been hosting the OMNI World Series of workshops on sustainability over the last year or so, presented with Paul Barnes to look at the way forward for sustainability in the industry.  Johannes also hosted a follow-up session specifically aimed at the use of sustainable materials which included impressive contributions from relative newcomers Lars Bakker from Voerman and Madeline van der Rhee from Gosselin.

Rob Gilbert from Oman Beverly Smyth hosted a panel discussion looking at direct investment into Ireland with guests Donal Travers from the Irish Development Agency, Loretta O’Sullivan from EY and Paul Kelly, from Intel.  The session gave the background to Ireland’s economic success and a priceless insight into the strategic thinking of one of the industry’s biggest customers.

Steve Jordan, Editor of The Mover magazine, hosted a panel of six guests – Cédric Castro (AGS), Wiebe van Bockel (Voerman), Enrique Lopez (Hasenkamp), Andy Cummins (Alfa), Joleen Lauffer (Aires) and Bill Graebel (Graebel) – looking at the strategic decisions companies make when deciding to expand internationally.

The keynote speaker was David McWilliams, an Irish economist, writer and broadcaster who gave an alternative view of the drivers that create economic trends and how, individually, we can all influence them ...

Top - OMNI conference delegates.
Bottom - OMNI President Philippa Robinson.


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