Maritime digitalisation takes a step closer

Nov 13 | 2019

DNV GL, the data management company, has recently opened a new base in Singapore for its Veracity industrial data platform that aims to stimulate closer collaboration in the maritime sector through the sharing of data.

Veracity is DNV GL’s open industrial data platform that enables the secure exchange of data-sets, APIs, applications and insights between industries. By bringing Veracity to Singapore, DNV GL aims to spur on the digitalisation of the maritime industry by helping this sector to better leverage the use of data.  

“Asia-Pacific is thriving due to a great deal of investment and innovation across industry,” said Mikkel Skou, Director of Veracity. “By having a local presence in Singapore, we are better equipped to support the maritime industry in particular with its efforts to use data as a resource to increase efficiency.”

e new Veracity office in Singapore will be headed by Magnus Lande, who serves as the commercial director for Veracity, with a focus on maritime. “A broad range of organisations, from shipowners to authorities, need to better leverage available data in their core activities,” he said. “This could be data owned by the organisation or owned data combined with available public or industry data. We will help organisations unlock this potential by facilitating secure data sharing and collaboration between industry players on our data platform and ecosystem.” 

Photos: DNV GL's Veracity industrial data platform